Glenapp Castle Wedding, India & Gareth

A small intimate wedding in a secluded estate of Glenapp Castle in Ayrshire, near Girvan in Scotland. India & Gareth came all the way from Saudi Arabia to get married in Scotland. We’ve shoot their engagement session on the cost of West Kilbride.

Gleddoch Castle Wedding Photography Gleddoch Castle Wedding Entrance Scotland photography Glenapp Castle Wedding Photos Garden Glenapp Castle Wedding Green House Wedding Wedding Reception at Glenapp Castle Wedding Breakfast at Glenapp Castle Wedding Photography Glenapp Castle Scotland Photography Wedding dress hang in a Glenapp Castle suite Scotland Wedding Dress photographed at Glenapp Castle Ayrshire Scotland Bride is getting ready at Glenapp Castle for a wedding Glenapp Castle Scotland flower garland bridesmaid getting ready at glenapp castle scotland Glenapp Castle Suite and wedding guests Bride at Glenapp Castle smiling Glenapp Castle Venue grooms preparations Groom getting ready at Glenapp Castle Scotland final wedding preparations at wedding Venue Glenapp Castle brides  hair garland wore at Glenapp Castle Ayrshire Bride in the mirror at Glenapp Castle Scotland Bride and her best friend at Glenapp Castle Suite Ayrshire Bride resting before a big day at Glenapp Castle Scotland Portrait of the Bride at Glenapp Castle Ayshire Bride in her silk robe  at Glenapp Castle Suite getting ready brides sister in the mirror wedding venue Glenapp Ayrshire guests in the reception hall at Glenapp Castle Scotland view from Glenapp Castle room Groom outside of the Glenapp Castle bridesmaid in the hall of Glenapp Castle Scotland bridesmaid holding wedding dress Glenapp wedding venue Glenapp Castle wardrobe with mirrors wedding photography wedding preparations at Glenapp Castle Scotland wedding preparations at Glenapp Castle Scotland sister helping with a necklace at Glenapp Castle Wedding Photos bride trying her earings at Glenapp Castle Ayrshire beautiful bride in the mirror at the wedding in Glenapp Castle Glenapp Castle in the background while piper is pipping for a wedding first glance at Glenapp Castle Wedding Scotland bride and groom first glance at Glenapp Castle Ayshire Scotland bride and groom happy at the frist glance at Glenapp Wedding Venue Walking down the aisle at Glenapp Castle Scotland Bride walking down the steps at Glenapp  Wedding Venue Scotland Bride seeing her father at Glenapp Castle Scotland birde and her father walking do the aisle at glenapp castle Bride and her sister just before ceremony at Glenapp Castle Ayrshire bride approaches a green house at Glenapp Castle Scotland groom awaits the bride to arrive at green house Glenapp Castle birde and her sister arriving for the humanist ceremony at Glenapp Castle bride walking into a green house atGlenapp Castle for a humanist ceremony bride and groom at the j8manist ceremony Glenapp Wedding Venue a little girl crawling during the ceremony at Glenapp Castle SCotland bridesmaid speech at Glenapp Castle Wedding exchanging vows at the humanist ceremony Glenapp Castle a couple getting married at Glenapp Greenhouse Scotland grooms parents happy at hte humanist ceremony in Glenapp Greenhouse exchanging rings in the Glenapp Greenhouse Ayrshire first kiss during a wedding at Glenapp Greenhouse 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